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Hello! We are Earth Building. We Envision, Design, and help Build your natural homes. So if you have a dream of building a natural home, join us to make it a reality! Join us even if you want a small step into a natural building like plasters, sculptures, ovens etc.
Anything natural, we are up for it.

Why Natural Building?


Minimal carbon footprint

Healthy abodes

Energy efficient

Thermally comfortable

Can be personalized easily- break out from industrial products and its constraints

Anybody can build a natural home- easy to learn

When destroyed,
goes back to the soil

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What is the cost of a natural building?

The cost of a natural building varies from each site depending on what resources you have, how you are going to do the building(are you going to build yourself?/ are you outsourcing it?), what kind of finish you want, etc. It varies greatly from place to place and from person to person.

Are natural building last longing?

When designed well, natural buildings can last for generations as has been proven by our heritage in traditional homes. Design principles like a good hat and a good shoe keeps your building safe. Giving a good plinth and a good roof is one of the principle rules in designing your natural home.

Are Natural building low-cost?

Natural buildings can be low cost only if you are ready to put in the effort and be involved in the building hands on yourselves. Natural materials on a large part are low cost. 60-70% of the cost is towards labour. In comparison, a normal building has materials that are expensive. But if we look more closely, many materials like cement and steel are at subsidized costs in the industry. Hence, we are unable to compete cost wise. Also large scale manufacturing is not possible in natural building.

Do Natural building requires high maintainance?

Yes, natural buildings require maintenance. Natural homes are living, breathing entities that are no different from us. If we take care of them, then they will take care of us. Lime paint every year for lime plasters, oiling for the wood are some examples of the maintenances that are required in a natural home.


Aarohi Life Education Trust

Samyukta and Stanzin, meeting you is wonderful. Very dedicated, passionate and skillfull. When it came to making our new building with mud, you were our first choice. You created magic with our kids at Aarohi. The community connected very well with you. It was wonderful to be with you. Stay the way you are and create magic with your hands.

Daniel John

Amazing to see that people are still interested in ancient methodology & the benefits of living in an earthen building, proud of S.P n Samyukta for the passion n love that they have towards eco structure’s, n their ways of teaching anyone who would be interested in learning to build on their own, it was an amazing week well spent at the workshop learning different techniques n skill’s, also a shout out for the team who didn’t make me feel homesick, God bless you all, continue the spreading your knowledge…

Hari Krishnan

Thank you very much Samyuktha ka and Punchok for giving me the opportunity for attending workshop…it’s been a great time for me for working with you all…you guys were transparent in sharing knowledge and very patience and also thought us Stonemasonry, Cob, Adobe making and placing on site…I learned and enjoyed a lot. I wish that you both should reach the high level in building natural building structures and techniques to greater extents in and around India… I will give my support To you as much I can…Also, I would like to thank Daniel Bro, Nishad bro, Rajesh and Ishwarya for having such a wonderful fun-filled learning and cooperation on-site and chilling in off-site too…miss u guys…will catch up soon…

Karla Dorene Rodriguez

If you are looking for an alternative method to build your house or just learn something new to be connected with mother earth… Earth Building can give you awesome ideas and all the knowledge to make it! They use a lot the creativity and make magic things, also they are always open to share and learn more and more, they have incredible souls!… Live the experience… ?? totally recommended!

Zahra Porbanderwala

Volunteered for a project with Earth Building, and must say it was a very grounding experience.
Stanzin and Samyukta is amazing souls, patient and very good at their work. They represent the ethos of Natural Building themselves, through their way of life, vision and work. Their approach to the whole process of the site work is organic and inclusive at all levels. Great work guys! Keep it going!!

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